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This, our current District Scrapbook page, covers district events in 2017 through 2021.
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Congratulations to Emily Lampman, new Quartermaster!

Emily Lampman was presented her Quartermaster Award at Ship 25's Bridge of Honor on Friday night, November 19, 2021. The Quartermaster award is the highest honor in Sea Scouts and is considered by the BSA to be equal to the Eagle in Scouts BSA or the Summit award in Venturing. 

Emily has been a member of Ship 25 since she was 14, Upon aging out she became registered as an adult member of the Ship. As a youth, she has traveled with the Ship to the BSA's Florida Sea Base and participated in numerous outings and activities over the years all over the Northeastern US and Canada. She has worked at Camp Barton's waterfront and provided leadership and experience in training others aboard our sailboat Sensei. For her project, Emily organized and lead a community education program to provide boating safety inspections during 2020 when Covid-19 shutdowns had kept both the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and America's Boating Club (formerly the Power Squadrons) from being able to provide safety inspections to the public. 

We wish to thank and congratulate Emily for her time in Ship 25 and for being one of only 20 people nationally to earn the Sea Scout program's highest honor in 2020.

Congratulations to Taughannock District's Newest Eagle Scouts
Troop 55's Max, Peter and Sam
September 7, 2021

Taughannock District 2021 Awards Dinner
Camp Barton

The Taughannock District's Annual Awards Dinner was held at Camp Barton on July 10th. After a great dinner, many Scouts and Scouters received awards, official and unofficial. Our congratulations to all, and especially to the District's 2021 District Award of Merit recipients - Joe McDermott and Rue Keagle.
The dinner opened with Evening Grace.

Mike Homrighaus was the MC for the evening's proceedings, and also prepared the awards.

Several participants attended virtually, including Joe McDermott who Zoomed in from his new home in Hope Mills, North Carolina.

Kathlene Gross, a pair of Pfluegers from Ship 25, and Rue Keagle.

District Co-Chair Mike Hughes presented a number of awards.

Tom Szebenyi received an SA&F Award.

Nicole Bull receives a Spark Plug award for her work with Pack 85

Callie Wright received a Training Award

Lynn Green received her District Committee Key, among other awards.

Mac Green received his Scoutmaster's Key and Scoutmaster's Award

Jim Graney (virtually) presents Joe McDermott with his Alumni Award. Joe also received his Commissioner's Key and other awards (including, of course, the District Award of Merit).

Jim Graney presents a training award (sorry, I missed the recipient's name).

Tom Szebenyi was inducted into this year's Old Guard.

Cathy Homrighaus was also in this year's Old Guard class...

...as was Kathlene Gross...

...Mike Stoll...

...and Clay Converse.

Mac Green receives his "Light of Scouting" award, but shares the credit...

Mac's "Light of Scouting" award was a literal light.

District Executive Ed Brewer presented some awards, as well as serving the food.

Ed Brewer presented his own unofficial award to Mike Hughes.

The 76er Patrol is made up of outstanding youth leaders from the district.

Two more 76ers.

Mike Hughes presented owl-headed walking sticks to Mike Stoll and Mike Brown...

...and a Davy Jones-headed walking stick to Jim Graney.

Rue Keagle shows her District Award of Merit.

Congratulations to Taughannock District's 
First Eagle Scout from a Scouts BSA Girl Troop!
Virginia Marion, Troop 613 Trumansburg
June 24, 2021

On June 24, 2021, Virginia Marion of Troop 613 in Trumansburg became our District's first female Eagle Scout. She's only the second girl Eagle in the Baden-Powell Council. 

Congratulations to Virginia and to Troop 613!


Baden-Powell Council Recognition Dinner
June 23, 2021

The Baden-Powell Council held its 2021 Recognition Dinner on June 23rd at Chenango Valley State Park. "Congratulations" to all of the Scouters who earned recognitions - which included quite a few from our Taughannock District.

Scouters from our district who were recognized at the dinner included:

  • Silver Beaver: Bradley Grainger (now on the Council Board, Eagle Scout from Troop 86 Cortland and Camp Purchas Staff Member). Bill Miller from Chenango District is the other Silver Beaver this year.

  • Veteran Recognitions: Rick Vaughn (Commissioner) - 25 years; Thomas Szebenyi and Joseph McDermott (Commissioners) - 35 years; Rodney Sunderlin (Troop 48 Committee) - 40 years; and James Bugh (long-term Scoutmaster of Troop 81, and many other positions) - 70 years.

  • Sea Scout and Venturing Leadership Awards: Benjamin Ashbaugh, Matthew Perry, Anastasia Earle and Rachel Pflueger (all from Ship/Crew 25 in Ithaca)

  • Light of Scouting Award: Mac Green from Troop 48

  • James E. West Fellows: Michael Hughes and Joseph McDermott

Past and Present Silver Beavers

Silver Beaver Bradley Grainger - in 1969 as an Eagle Scout in Troop 86, Cortland, and in 2021 as a Silver Beaver

Silver Beaver William Miller

Commissioner and District Finance Chair Joe McDermott receives his 35-year Veteran Award from Stacy Hall

Six Scouters, including Troop 48 Scoutmaster Mac Green, received a special "Light of Scouting" award for keeping Scouting going during the pandemic.

Council VP Bob Andolina presented financial awards.

Tony Crosby presented four Sea Scout and Venturing Leadership Awards

Anastasia Earle of Ship 25 Ithaca receives her Sea Scout Leadership Award

Rachel Plueger of Ship 25 receives her Sea Scout Leadership Award

Ben Ashbaugh of Venture Crew 25 with his Venturing Leadership Award

Matthew Perry of Venture Crew 25 with his Venturing Leadership Award

Council Executive Matthew Bull

Assistant Council Executive Andy Zilnik

Council Program Director Chris Ambra

Council Commissioner Mark Barnes

Taughannock District's professionals: Ed Brewer and Stacy Hall

Former Council Commissioner Jeff McKinney

The Recognition Dinner was opened by a bugler

MC and Council Board member Mary Anne Wilcox puts those who are more comfortable with Zoom meetings at ease. 


Congratulations to Chip and Noah Andrulis from Troop 2, Ithaca
Taughannock District's latest Eagle Scouts!
June 21, 2020





Congratulations to Seth Ryan from Troop 4, Ithaca
Taughannock District's latest Eagle Scout!
June 6, 2020





Taughannock District Winter Joust
Dwyer Park - Camp Barton
January 23-24, 2021

With the Covid-19 pandemic still in effect, our District Winter Event was held at two locations with limited group sizes. Nevertheless, a Good Time was had by all!

Bridge Building - lash together a bridge, put it on sawhorses, and cross...

Troop 48 Pyro Patrol

Two members of Ship 25 Ithaca

Trebuchet building
Ship 25 Ithaca

Trebuchet Building - Troop 55 Skylarks

Box Castle - Troop 48 Pyro Patrol

Box Castle - Troop 55 Skylarks

Swordplay - Ship 25 Ithaca

Box Castle - Ship 25 Ithaca

Ship 25 Ithaca

Ship 25 Ithaca

Sea Scout Ship 25 Snaps

Ithaca Sea Scouts Ship 25 has been active through the summer of 2020. Here are a few pictures. 

On The Water - July: While the boating season remains open, Scouts have been focusing on advancements that require being on the water. We have done on the water training including overnight adventures, one of which involved the Sensei mooring north of Sheldrake point. It was a great day and a gorgeous and calm night.

The Ship participated in two services projects at the boathouse at Camp Barton where we straightened up and cleaned inside so the equipment could remain serviceable due to summer camp being cancelled this year.

Service Project: Emily’s Quartermaster project kicked off on Saturday the 12th. Emily offered boaters free safety information and vessel inspections. Since the Coast Guard Auxiliary and America's Boating Club were not authorized to do inspections this year due to COVID-19, Emily was able to get permission to provide the information in an unofficial setting.
On the Water - September: While the boating season remains open, scouts have been focusing on advancements that require being on the water. We have done on the water training including overnight adventures and night time sailing.

For more infcrmation on Sea Scout Ship 25, see their website http://www.ithacaseascouts.org/index.htm 

Taughannock District Awards Event

The Taughannock District Awards Event 
was held at Camp Barton on Wednesday, July 22nd. 

Mike Homrighaus pointed out that "Event" was the name which was used in times past to describe activities which had no themes. As was appropriate for the times we are living in, he declared that the Event would be renamed the "District Covid-19 Extravaganza". All of the participants were masked and socially distanced, and eight attended virtually from their homes by Zoom.

Awards were presented for Veteran Status (thanks to Mike Hughes for tracking down the data on volunteer longevity). Training Chair Jery Stedinger handed out a number of Training awards. Other awards presented were Arrowhead Honor, International Scouter, and the James E. West Unit Founder Award. The District itself received a Gold Journey to Excellence rating last year, the first time in several years. 

A very rare and unusual award - the Woods Services Award for Scouting With Special Needs - was presented to Jim Bugh and Frank VanSickle for 38 years of work with Troop 81 at Cortland BOCES. 

Unofficial District awards were also presented - the Old Guard, 76er and Patriot Patrols, the Order of the Black Duck ("Dethpicalble"), and so on. Mike Hughes received the Council Alumnus of the Year Award. A number of units presented Spark Plugs to people who help make their units go. The District Commissioner's Outstanding Unit Award was earned by Troop 48, Lansing. 

Finally, the District Award of Merit, the highest National Award which can be awarded by a District, was presented to Rick Burt and Bill Wright. 

"Thank you" to everyone who made the event possible. Even more, a big "thank you" to everyone who works so hard to makes Scouting in the District go - if you received an award at the Extravaganza, congratulations, and if you didn't, you're still appreciated!

Mike Homrighaus acted as the MC for the Event, and also produced
the certificates for the District awards.

District Chair Liam Murphy presents the District Award of Merit
to Rick Burt, Troop 85 Scoutmaster and OA Chapter Advisor

District Chair Liam Murphy presents the District Award of Merit
to Bill Wright, Unit Commissioner and Committee Chair for several of
our Trumansburg units.

The District presented Antique Collar Brass to the professionals,
Ed Brewer (DE) and Stacy Hall (Cub Associate)

The 76er Patrol is a way of recognizing outstanding youth leaders.

District Executive Ed Brewer spoke on what Scouting means to him.

Benediction was given by Mike Stoll, Religion Committee Chair

A walking stick and other memorabilia were presented to Kathlene Gross

A number of District volunteers attended virtually via Zoom

District Chair Liam Murphy showed the Gold Journey to Excellence Award
which the District received for 2019

District Chair Liam Murphy received a walking stick as well

The evening ended with the Camp Barton Song

District Pinewood Derby 2020
March 7, 2020 - Shops at Ithaca Mall

Our Cubs had a great time racing their Pinewood Derby cars! 
See the 2020 Pinewood Derby page for more pictures.

Our Cubs had a great time at Boo at Barton!

Click here for more photos!

Congratulations to Troop 55's Triple Eagles!

As you are likely aware, a single Eagle Scout is a rare event. To have three Eagle Scouts recognized at one time is especially rare and newsworthy. 

Troop 55 was pleased to award the Eagle Scout Rank to three of its members at a ceremony at the Ithaca Waldorf School on August 11. Jeffrey Lantz, Ciaran MacKenzie and Hans Tang are the troop's 68th, 69th and 70th Eagle Scouts.

While coming from Ellis Hollow, the troop held the ceremony at the Ithaca Waldorf School as it was the site where Ciaran MacKenzie installed a full-size sand volleyball court for that school as his Eagle project. All Eagle scout candidates must plan and complete such a project to help their community. In addition, each of the three candidates needed to master a series of basic skills underpinning the ability to function both as an adult and as a good citizen. Not only did they have to learn basic first aid, how to cook, how to camp and basic nature information, but each also had to learn basic tenets of citizenship and how to work well within a group of young men of varying skills. Like all Eagle Scouts, Jeff, Ciaran and Hans had to investigate a total of 21 other topics in depth, earning a "merit badge" as he completed each. Eleven of those merit badges were required to be in areas helping him into adulthood with skills like citizenship, first aid and physical fitness, among others.

Jeff Lantz cited his best scouting experiences as sailing on Cayuga Lake, hiking in the Adirondacks, and staying overnight on an island he canoed to treach. He served the troop as Senior Patrol Leader, and next year will go to Cornell to study math and computer science. Jeff proposed three Eagle projects before he found the right one. "Finding the right project can be challenging. … I even presented [one] to the troop committee before settling on my final project. Every year at the Ellis Hollow fair, a quilt is raffled off to support the Ellis Hollow Community Center. The old [display] frame … was bulky, old, and hard to use, but with a design from the Tompkins County Quilters Guild as a starting point, [we built] a new, lightweight frame. I learned a lot about scheduling and time management from my project, but enjoyed the experience in spite of a few complications." 

Many of Ciaran MacKenzie's best memories connect with Camp Barton on Cayuga Lake in both winter and summer. He also has fond memories of a night spent on the Sea Scout Ship Sensei sailing out of the Cayuga Inlet. Ciaran spent a term as Troop 55's Senior Patrol Leader. Next year will find Ciaran at Alfred University studying engineering. Ciaran's Eagle Project was to realize a long-time dream: "Throughout most of middle school, and all of high school I knew that I wanted my eagle project to be fixing the old volleyball court at my middle school. And so as soon as my project was approved, I started the long task of raising the funds needed. Once that was done, I organized three work parties and we set to work. This project taught me a lot about how to organize people, and it helped me feel comfortable calling people and talking to them." 

Han Tang cited his first campout as being his first time away from home and also talked about his leadership experiences and time in nature, stargazing, hammocks, canoeing or biking as among his favorite scouting memories. He'll be attending TC3 in the Fall to study Computer Information. Hans served the troop as Senior Patrol Leader. His Eagle Project helped his new hobby: "Ever since my first experience mountain biking at Shindagin Hollow, I wanted my Eagle Project to be done within the state forest. So, I reached out to Cycle CNY, ... after a few months … we were finally ready to carry out our project. Over 30 volunteers moved over 8000 pounds of stone to repair and improve damaged areas on trails Blue #1 and Yellow #1, construct a new entrance to Yellow #1, and upgrade poor drainage on Shindagin Hollow's newly constructed parking lot. In the end, my communication skills improved, I got a better handle on leading large groups, and I learned how rewarding community work is.". 

Troop 55 looks forward to Jeff, Ciaran and Hans continuing their contributions both to the Troop's home in Ellis Hollow and the wider Tompkins County community and to their efforts in building on the Troop's long tradition of creating an inclusive community in Scouting's best tradition.

The photo shows Senior Scoutmaster Daniel Wakeman addressing the three Eagle Scouts: Jeffrey Lantz, Ciaran MacKenzie and Hans Tang. 

District Scouting Awards Dinner
April 26, 2019

Congratulations to everyone who received awards at the Taughannock District Scouting Awards Dinner on April 26th! We had a very good turnout for the dinner, with more than 90 Scouters and youth members attending. 

Stacy Hall and Dawn Thornton received the District Award of Merit, the highest official award which can be given at the district level. 

The 76'er Patrol is made up of the outstanding youth leaders in the district. 

Mike Hughes explained the significance of the Order of the Gorget, which was awarded to Michelle Noyes of Ship 25.

As befits a district with a strong Duck theme, Daffy Duck held the prestigious Founder's Award prior to its awarding. 

Clay Converse received the Founder's Award

The Good Turn Award was given to the Dryden Community Cafe for hosting our monthly District Committee Meeting. 

Another Good Turn Award was given to the Izaak Walton League for their support of Scouting over the years, especially their letting the district use their facility for Cub Day Camp.

Mike Hughes presents the Black Duck Award 
to "Honorary Mike" Lynn Green.

Mike Hughes presented an array of forgotten Scouting Stuff to Mike Homrighaus

The "Old Guard"

This year's Patriot Patrol, named after Marius Willet, hero of the Revolutionary War and the namesake of the Town of Willet in Cortland County.

The District Key 3 presents the Rising Star award to Floyd Ayers of Troop 55

The District Key 3 presents the Rising Star Award to Scott Ryan from Troop 4

The Spirit of the Eagle certificate was given to Mac and Lynn Green

Jim Graney presented the SeaBadge, aided by previous SeaBadge recipients

Presentation of the SeaBadge to Tony Crosby

Presentation of the SeaBadge to Sheldon Craig

Liam Murphy received the Silver Beaver - the highest official award presented by a Council 

Previous recipients of the Silver Beave

Spark Plug awards were given to Ron Rogers of Pack 85...

... and many others who have given the spark to the Scouting program at the unit level. 

Blast from the Past Winter Camporee
January 26, 2019

Frigid cold temperatures? Not a problem! In temperatures hovering in teens, 13 teams of Boy Scouts from Tompkins and Cortland Counties competed in a Winter Camporee. The scouts demonstrated a wide variety of skills: everything from performing as a group in an ice rescue, speed in building a fire, cutting a tree from 10 feet away without touching the saw, comparing 1st Aid skills from 100 years ago with those today and learning how to send messages without cellphones!

This year's competition was won by the Baconator Patrol of Ithaca's 100 year-old Troop 4 (sponsored by Ithaca Sunrise Rotary). Troop 85's Poisonous Purple Python Patrol from Homer took second place with Trumansburg's Troop 13 Squirrel patrol coming in third. 

Special recognitions were awarded for particular skills. Trumansburg Troop 13's Squirrel patrol made a SnowBallista which launched a ball over 116 feet. Freeville's Troop 46 was judged to have made the best dessert on-site. The fastest fire-building award was won by Ellis Hollow's Troop 55 Eagle Patrol, who started a fire and boiled a pot of water in under 3 minutes. Troop 4's Baconator Patrol also won the nearly mile-long sled race in a time of 6:33. The judges gave an award for the best Scout spirit to the Splatzer Patrol of Lansing's Troop 48.

Ithaca's Troop 4 Baconator Patrol wins the Taughanduck Pole

Troop 85's Poisonous Purple Python Patrol from Homer took second place

Trumansburg's Troop 13 Squirrel patrol coming in third

Building a SnowBallista

Best Scout Spirit Award went to the Splatzer Patrol of Lansing's Troop 48.

Troop 55 presents its entry into the Cooking Competition

Aviation Explorer Post 62
December 9, 2018
Materials Science for Aviators

The Post had a great time at their December Post meeting investigating the wonders of Material Science, under the guidance of Associate Advisor and Cornell Professor Mike Thompson. The Explorers bent aluminum bars (and couldn't bend the same bar when alloyed with 2% copper), looked at computer memory over the years (a whole two bytes on a card no more than four inches square!), suspended a magnet over a superconductor, drove a nail with a ceramic hammer, and tried to bounce an unbounceable rubber ball. The meeting ended with making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (with chocolate chips).

Pure aluminum is easy to bend - add just 2% copper, and it's impossible.

It's a rubber ball. You drop it, and it... doesn't bounce.

Prof. Thompson shows the Post a blade from an aircraft jet engine.

Prof. Thompson demonstrates the use of a ceramic hammer.

Pouring liquid nitrogen into a bowl containing a superconductor.

A magnet floating above the superconductor.

Close inspection of the floating magnet. And yes, if you blow across the liquid nitrogen, it makes smoke...

Liquid nitrogen ice cream starts with half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla extract. Then, pour in the liquid nitrogen while the Explorers stir...

Once the ice cream freezes (it only takes about a minute), stir in the chocolate chips.

Spoon the ice cream into a bowl and enjoy... with extra liquid nitrogen, if you like...

Our Cubs had a great time at Boo at Barton!
October 6-7, 2018

For more pictures, see our 2018 Boo at Barton page.

Cubs had a great time at Cub Scout Resident Camp
August 9-11, 2018

See more pictures and read about it!

Pack 46 at the Trumansburg Fair
August 25, 2018

Cub scouts from Pack 46 Freeville, particitaped in the kids demolition derby at the Trumansburg fair. They all did a great job, and all came home with a trophy. - Photos courtesy Anthony Tuttle


Congratulations to everyone who received awards at the District Awards Dinner at the Dryden Fire Hall on Friday, April 27th! Many Veteran Scouters were recognized for their long service - not to embarrass anyone, I'll just say that one Scouter present joined Scouting in the 1940's, and others had more than 60 years of continuous membership. Also presented were:

  • The District Award of Merit, the highest official award a district can give, was presented to Roger Garnett and Michelle Lake. 

  • The prestigious (if unofficial) Founder's Award was received by Dave Gross, along with the equally prestigious (if dethpicable) Taughanduck Pendant (a/k/a "honorary Mike"). 

  • Pack 91 in McGraw received the District Commissioner's Award for outstanding program delivery. 

  • The Order of the Gorget was presented to Christopher Delage from Ship 25, plus one other youth member who doesn't know about it yet. 

  • Scouters were inducted into the Patriot Patrol, the Old Guard Patrol and the Rising Stars Patrol, and a deserving group of young leaders were inducted as 76'ers. 

  • A number of training awards (knots) were presented to Scouters who had earned them through training and service (see the Advancement Page for more details). 

  • Spark Plugs were given to a number of people who supply the spark to keep their units running.

  • The Homer Police Department received a "Good Turn Award" for their support of Scouting. 

  • Finally, a good meal was had by all. 

"Thanks" to Kathlene Gross and Dave Gross for setting up the dinner, to Mike Homrighaus for preparing the awards and MC'ing the event, and to everyone who came to the dinner. 

District Award of Merit recipients Michelle Lake and Roger Garnett with District Chair Liam G.B. Murphy and Michael Homrighaus

The Old Guard Patrol - a group of experienced Scouters who have served the Taughannock District for longer than any one of them will admit.

The 76'ers are a group of youth members who have shown outstanding leadership during the preceding year.

The Patrot Patrol is made up of a collection of Scouters who have been of particular service to the District this year. Each year's Patriot Patrol is named after a figure from history - this year, that was Edward Fitzgerald Beale, who had a long and rather weird career in the mid-19th century with the US Navy, where he was assigned to the Army, as well as serving as an Indian Agent, a rancher and an ambassador.

The Rising Star patrol is, in some ways, the bookend to the Old Guard - Scouters who are starting their careers of long service to Scouting (whether they realize or not).

Michael Homrighaus recognizes long service volunteers - in this case, Clay Converse, with sixty years on the clock, and counting...

The Good Turn Award is given by the Taughannock District to an outside organization who has supported Scouting in our area. This year's award was presented to the Homer Police Department by District Cub Associate Stacy Lee Hall. — with Stacy Lee.

Michael Homrighaus and Mike Hughes present the Order of the Gorget to Christopher Delage from Ship 25. The Gorget was first presented to outstanding youth in the former Onondaga Council, and the award was imported to the Tioughnioga District by Mike Hughes when he was District Chair. It has now become a tradition of the Taughannock District.

The Legendary Taughanduck Pendant, a coveted local award,  is presented to Dave Gross, marking him as an Honorary Mike, as well as someone willing to wear Daffy Duck on a ribbon around his neck. It's a long story...

Unit Commissioner Helen Schultz received the District Commissioner's Outstanding Unit Award on behalf of Pack 91 in McGraw.

District Training Chair Jery Stedinger presented a number of training awards, recognizing training and service by volunteers.

Michael Homrighaus presenting the Founder's Award to Dave Gross.

The Spark Plug Award - a valuable award made of a used spark plug embedded in a block of wood - is granted by units to adults who have given spark to the unit's program over the year.

Photos courtesy Stacy Hall.

Our Cub Scouts had a great time at the
Taughannock District Pinewood Derby
March 10, 2018

The District Pinewood Derby was held at the Shops at Ithaca Mall on March 10, 2018. Our thanks to the Mall for providing the space, and to Pack 34 for providing the track and computer system and operational assistance. Thanks are also due to Lynn Green, Stacy Hall and all the other volunteers who helped make the event such a success. "Well done" to all!

Tom Sorensen acted as Master of Ceremonies and Joke-teller. Here, he explains the basic approach to the Arrow of Light Scouts (a/k/a second-year Webelos) - "just have fun!"

Arrow of Light Scouts watch their cars speed by

Arrow of Light Scout receiving "Wildest Design" award for his car. 

First Place Trophy for Arrow of Light Scouts

Webelos Scouts were next in line...

Webelos Scout receives "Scout Spirit" Award

Third Place Finish Webelos Scout

Second Place Finish Webelos Scout

Trophy for First Place Finish Webelos Scout

Bear Cub Scout checking his car in for competition.

Lynn Green organizing the Bear Cub Scouts to vote for the cars to win the various appearance awards.

Bear Cub Scouts photo finish
(no, the car didn't come in eighth of four - the camera caught the display changing from "0" to "4")

Bear Cub Scout receives "Wildest Design" award.

Third Place Finish Bear Cub Scout

Second Place Finish Bear Cub Scout

Trophy for First Place Finish Bear Cub Scout

And.... they're off!

The "Ethan Cub Scout" cut-out received a lot of photo play...

Wolf Cub Scouts cheer on their cars

Wolf Cub Scout cars receive a checkered flag from an enthusiastic sibling bystander

One Wolf Cub scout - two awards: "Best in Show" and "Wildest Design"

Wolf Cub Scout receives "Most Realistic" Award

Third Place Finish Wolf Cub Scout

Second Place Finish Wolf Cub Scout

"Gimme!" - Trophy for First Place Finish Wolf Cub Scout

Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger Cub Scout receives award

One Tiger Cub Scout, two awards: "Scout Spirit" and Second Place Finish

Third Place Finish Tiger Cub Scout

The newest Cub Scout program - Lion Cub Scouts - is for Kindergarten-age boys. It was a pilot program last year, and has now become a regular part of the Cub Scout program at all Packs. 

The first-place car was way ahead of the others in every lap - quite an achievement for the Lion's first official Pinewood Derby.

Third Place Finish Lion Cub Scout

Second Place Finish Lion Cub Scout, with sibling photo-bomb

Trophy for First Place Finish Lion Cub Scout

Congratulations to 
Clay Converse, Baden-Powell Council Silver Beaver
and Ed Plesnar, Sea Scout Leader Award

Congratulations to Taughannock's Clay Converse on being awarded his Silver Beaver at the Council recognition dinner on Saturday, February 24th! Congratulations also to Ed Plesnar, Chris DeLage, Michelle Noyes and Liam Stark for receiving awards for their leadership in Venturing and Sea Scouts.

Taughannock District Winter Camporee
"On the Oregon Trail"
January 26-28, 2018
Camp Barton

For a second year, twelve team of Boy Scouts from Tompkins and Cortland counties competed in a snow-less Winter Camporee this weekend on the theme of The Oregon Trail. The scouts demonstrated a wide variety of skills: everything from rescuing a person with legs broken from a wagon, speed in building a fire, tying knots around a tree from 10 feet away, crossing their entire patrol across a river, making a map of their route and how to budget to equip a full wagon for a 6 month trip.

This year's competition was judged in part by Cornell student volunteers from Alpha Phi Omega, an international service fraternity along with various scout leaders.

The annual Winter Camporee is a high point of the scouting year for the two-county District, which includes all of Tompkins and Cortland counties. The Camporee experience gives Scouts a chance to meet other scouts and test their skills against many other troops. This competition focused particularly on teamwork and cooperation among the nearly 100 scouts competing.

The Scouts competed for the right to host the Taughannock District's highly-prized "Taughann-Duck" pole for the year in recognition of having the best scouting skills in the two county area.

This year's competition was won by the Moonlight Wolves Patrol of Troop 55 in Ellis Hollow, near Ithaca. Troop 4's Cobra Patrol from Patrol took second place with Homer's Troop 85 and its Adventurous Trojan's patrol coming in third. Special recognitions were awarded for particular skills. Troop 55's Soaring Eagle patrol had the best catapult, launching a tennis ball over a 10 foot obstacle for over 60 feet. Homer's Troop 85 made and presented the best potato based dish. The Squirrel patrol of Trumansburg's Troop 13 made the best map of their route over the entire day. The fastest fire to burn through a twine was won by Troop 4's Cobras. Troop 55's Eagles won the nearly mile long race with equipment in a time of 5:50. The scouting adults and Cornell volunteers gave the best Scout spirit award to the Apple Patrol of Homer's Troop 79.

The patrols prepare to leave on their sledding speed run.

Scouts learned about Scouting Heritage and answered questions in a quiz at the Scout Museum station.

Scouts identify prairie fauna and geographical features by looking out the front and back of their Conestoga Wagon. This station might seem like the "Mars Rover" station from past camporees, but of course since this was the Oregon Trail, the Mars Rover was still a century in the future...

As the winners of the last Winter Camporee, troop 55 provided the planning for this camporee.
Troop 55 photo

Troop 79 and their sled
Troop 79 photo

Troop 79 Scouts at their campfire
Troop 79 photo

Troop 85 Scouts at the First Aid station
Troop 85 photo

Troop 79 Scouts at the firebuilding station, attempting to roast a peep.
Troop 79 photo

Troop 79 receives instructions for the firebuilding station. 
Troop 79 photo

Troop 85 plans out what to carry on their Conestoga wagon.
Troop 85 photo

Troop 91 Scouts at the firebuilding station
Troop 91 photo

Troop 91 Scouts launch their catapult.
Troop 91 photo

Troop 85 Scouts and their sled
Troop 85 photo

Troop 91 Scouts at the First Aid station
Troop 91 photo

Troop 91 Scouts and their sled
Troop 91 photo

District Chair Liam Murphy addresses the assembled Scouts.

Troop 55 Moonlight Wolves Patrol, winners of the coveted Klonduck Pole 

Scouts assemble for the closing ceremony.

Pack 85 Homer - "Thankful" Meeting
November 27, 2017

Pack 85 held a special "Thankful" meeting, in order to thank the veterans and first responders for their service. 

Veterans and First Responders line up to receive the thanks of the Pack.

Bears line up to receive their advancement awards.

The Cubs sold lots of popcorn, so Pack leaders receive pies in the face,

Every meeting starts with the Pledge of Allegiance

Cubs earn prizes for selling popcorn.

Tigers receive advancement awards

Wolf Cubs present Thank You cards

Wolf Cubs present Thank You cards

Webelos Scouts receive advancement awards.

Webelos Scout recites a poem for the Veterans and First Responders

The Pack's Volunteer Leaders get a well-deserved "Thank You", too.

Taughannock District Auto-Ree
October 20-22, 2017
Central NY Living History Center 

The Scouts earned Automobile Maintenance Merit Badge through 12 different stations, and the Cubs built balloon-powered cars. There were a number of interesting cars to look at, a Truck Simulator for the Scouts to drive, a Big Rig to sit in, a Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) radio station, a rollover demonstrator, and a movie in the evening. 

For more pictures see the 2017 Auto-Ree page!

Pack 85 Homer held a great Rocket Derby on September 25, 2017!

For more pictures, see the 2017 Rocket Derby page

Congratulations to Eagle Scout 
Alex Whitehead - Troop 2, Ithaca
September 19, 2017

Alex's mother pins on his new Eagle badge

Scoutmaster Jery Stedinger administers the Eagle Oath

Alex's older brother gives the Eagle Charge

Alex pins Dad pin on his father...

and Mom pin on his mother

Congratulatory letters were read

Alex gave Robin Stedinger the Mentor pin

The Trail to Eagle

New troop officers were sworn in

Opening Ceremony

Badges were given to other Scouts

Barton Bs were earned by many...

Congratulations to Troop 48's three new Eagle Scouts!
August 23, 2017

Troop 48 had Courts of Honor for four new Eagle Scouts this week. 
Congratulations to Sean O'Neill, Toby Green, Nico Streb and Jacob Williamson!

The Cubs had a great time at the
Barton School of Mystery and Magic
Camp Barton Cub Resident Camp
August 10-12, 2017

We've got more pictures and stories on the 2017 Cub Resident page

Congratulations to Martin Jander
Eagle Scout at Troop 2 Ithaca
June 19, 2017

Congratulations to Martin Jander of Troop 2 - Taughannock District's latest Eagle Scout! Martin's ceremony was held on Monday, June 19th at the Cornell Outdoor Center on Monkey Run Road. The Troop also presented advancement awards to a number of Scouts, and SM and ASM Jery and Robin Stedinger were recognized for their receipt of the Taughannock District's Founder's Award.

Scouts receive patches for the Camporee

Scouts received merit badges

DE Christian Averill presented the 2017 charter to the Troop

Martin pins Dad's Pin on his father..

...and the Mom's Pin on his mother

Mentor Pin

Eagle Medal was pinned on by Martin's mother

New Eagle Scout Martin Jander

Eagle Oath administered by Scoutmaster Jery Stedinger

New Eagle is escorted in by an Honor Guard

Troop Bugler opened the ceremony

Flag Ceremony

Opening Candle Ceremony

Letters of Congratulation were presented

This being the Cornell Outdoor Center, an outdoorsy special guest hopped in...

Happy 100th Birthday, Troop 4 Ithaca!
June 18, 2017

The Troop 4 Centennial Celebration and Court of Honor on Sunday, June 18, 2017 was a great success! Glad to see some T4 alumni there (Oliver Habicht, Denise Lentini & Al Lentini, Jonathan M Billing, Joyce Ann Billing & Michael Billing, Andrew Sternglass, Karen Casey Carr, Ben Brown). Thanks to all who came out to share in the celebration. If you weren't here in person, I'm sure you were there in spirit. 

Thanks to A (PL - Cobras) & C (PL - Wolverines) who gave Patrol Leaders reports about activities during this centennial year. The Senior Patrol Leader, M, who gave a nice speech about the next 100 years of scouting in Troop 4. I hope he is right that scouts will still be making s'mores over a campfire 100 years from now. We talked about the history of Troop 4 in Ithaca, and shared the story behind the Thundercloud logo. Committee Chair, Bill Miller, who gave a slideshow on recent Troop 4 Eagle Projects. 

Thanks to Mike Brown & Mike Michael Homrighaus who brought historical materials to display, including a Troop 4 uniform shirt from the 1920s. We gave out new Troop 4 Centennial Neckerchiefs. Patches will be coming soon. It was a nice way to wrap-up Troop 4's centennial year. Now, it's off to summer camp at Camp Tuscarora. - John Udall

Troop 4, past and present, in a group portrait at the troop's 100th Birthday

The Scouts' advancement was reviewed

A number of Troop 4's former Scouts and leaders spoke about their memories of the troop.

Troop 4 Alumnus Oliver Habicht spoke about the troop and its connection to International Scouting.

Former Scoutmaster Bill Miller had a PowerPoint show about Eagle Projects done by Troop 4 Scouts over the last few years.

District Executive Christian Averill made a presentation for the Friends of Scouting campaign, with the aid of a few Troop 4 Scouts.

Michael Homrighaus added his thoughts on Friends of Scouting and the Blair Atholl Jamborette

The celebration was organized and MC'd by Troop 4 Alumnus, former SM and present ASM John Udall

Grace was said before the meal...

A candle-lit opening ceremony - no, they didn't skip points of the Scout Law, the breeze from the window kept blowing out the candles...

Troop 4 Scoutmaster Dave Korb

Patrol Leaders reported on their exploits in 2016-17

Taughannock District Awards Dinner
April 28, 2017

The Taughannock District held its annual Awards Dinner on April 28th at the Dryden Fire Hall. "Thanks" to Kathlene Gross for organizing the event, Michael Homrighaus for acting as MC and preparing the awards, and to everyone else who worked to make the dinner a success - and "Congratulations" to everyone who received an award! The District Award of Merit, the highest award a District can give, was presented to Nelson Jeffrey. Some of the other awards, official and otherwise, can be seen in the photographs.

The Order of the Black Duck - all named "Mike". From left to right, Mike Jane Converse, Mike Leroy Schultz, Mike Clay Converse, Mike Dave Gross, Mike Kathlene Gross, Mike Ben Brown, Mike Hughes, Mike Brown, Mike Stoll, Michael Homrighaus, and Mike Jim Graney.

The dinner opened with the traditional flag ceremony, and the Scout Oath and Law

Fifty-year Veteran awards were presented to Mike Stoll and Leroy Schultz

Liam Murphy presenting a "76er Patrol:" award to Chris Ryan. The annual 76er Patrol is made up of outstanding youth members.

Toby Green into is welcomed into the 76er Patrol for 2017

Peter Graney, new member of the 2017 76er Patrol

Kathlene Gross presented Camp Barton Ranger Dave Carlson with framed photographs of sunrise and sunset at Camp Barton.

Mike Hughes presents an Order of the Black Duck to District Chair Liam Murphy

Four Mikes - a quorum.

Present District Chair Liam Murphy presented a special certificate to Jim Graney for his efforts as District Chair in past years

District Chair Liam Murphy presented Mike Hughes with a certificate recognizing his work as past District Chair (twice)

The District Good Turn Award was presented to Transonic Systems for hosting our Scouts at the two District Fly-o-Rees held at the Ithaca Airport. Cor Drost accepts the certificate for Transonic.

This year's Patriot Patrol, named after Daniel Tompkins — with Clay Converse, Mac Lynn Green, Kathlene Gross and Michael Homrighaus.

Mike Hughes presenting the Order of the Gorget to Callie Kaplan-Wright

Mike Stoll also received the Order of the Gorget

Those who have helped the district in the past year, but haven't yet received any district awards, are given the "Rising Star" certificate. This is Shana Kleckner Snyder from Pack 10, Groton

District Commissioner Mike Brown with Kate MacKenzie and her Rising Star award

Bill Wright was inducted as a member of the Old Guard

Another Rising Star award, presented by District Chair Liam Murphy with Michael Homrighaus and District Commissioner Mike Brown

Training awards were presented to a number of adult leaders by District Training Chair (and dinner MC) Mike Homrighaus

The prized Spark Plug Award - a real spark plug mounted on a block of wood - is awarded by individual units to people who have helped make the unit go during the year.

A special Golden Spark Plug was also awarded to two volunteers. Unlike a regular Spark Plug, the Golden Spark Plug is covered in gold paint, which makes it much more... something.

The Founders Award for 2017 was presented to Robin Stedinger and Jery Stedinger

Doug Blakeley presenting the District Award of Merit to Nelson Jeffrey

Sea Scout Ship 25's newest Quartermaster
Callie Kaplan Wright
March 11, 2017

Congratulations to Callie Kaplan-Wright, from Sea Scout Ship 25, in earning Quartermaster - Sea Scouting's highest rank, and one earned by very few Sea Scouts nationwide. The ceremony was held at the Trumansburg Conservatory on Saturday, March 11th. A Land Ship was set up, and the ceremony took place on its deck.

Callie and the Quartermaster certificate.

Commodore Jim Graney congratulates Callie on her new Quartermaster rank.

S.S.S. Spear's Skipper, Ed Plesnar.

Commodore Jim Graney congratulates Callie on her new Quartermaster rank.

Callie's father, Bill Wright, says a few words...

Gene Little from the Coast Guard Auxiliary presents a letter to Callie at the QM ceremony.

Commodore Jim Graney boards the Land Ship, with four ceremonial Side Boys.

Evan Graney explains the meaning of the Quartermaster rank.

Commodore (and former District Chair) Jim Graney conducted the QM ceremony.

Sea Scout pipes dignitaries on board the Land Ship.

The meeting opened with a flag ceremony, as the flag was raised on the stern of the Land Ship.

S.S.S. Spear's Skipper, Ed Plesnar.

Council Recognition Dinner
February 25, 2017

Congratulations to the 2016 class of Silver Beaver recipients, along with all the other volunteers who received awards at the Baden-Powell Council Recognition Dinner on Saturday, February 25th. The Silver Beaver award is the highest award granted by a Council to an outstanding Scouter. This year's recipients were Michael Hughes, Fran Bialy, Eileen Mulcahy and Chris Wilkinson. Peter Graney, Alex Powers, Kevin Thompson and Andrew Thompson received the Venturing Leadership Award. The Baden-Powell Council, and the Taughannock and Chenango Districts received Gold status in the 2016 Journey to Excellence (Hiawatha was Silver and Delahanna was Bronze).

Cubs from Pack 155 opened the dinner with a flag ceremony

Council Commissioner Don Perkins

Council VP for Properties Mike Kazarinoff

Council President Kevin McKeown

Council Executive Rick Christ

Council VP for Program Mary Ann Wilcox

Council VP for Outdoor Adventure Bernie McDermott

Peter Graney and Alex Powers received the Venturing Leadership Award, as did Andrew and Kevin Thompson

Silver Beaver Chris Wilkinson

Silver Beaver Eileen Mulcahy and Silver Buffalo Mark Kreibel

Silver Beaver Fran Bialy

Silver Beaver Mike Hughes, Taughnnock District Vice-Chair

Cub Associate Stacy Hall

Commissioners and leaders from the Taughannock District 

Taughannock District Scouts Explored the South Seas
Winter Camporee - January 21, 2017

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Unseen for half a century...

Look at some recently discovered pictures from the 1960 Cortland Armory Scout Show and the 1961 Barton Hall Scout-a-Rama. 

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